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Post by RedTheAnarchist on Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:00 pm

Steam Id-STEAM_0:1:41957109

In game name-Red The Anarchist

Age-16 next month

Play time in server-2hrs 4mins

Brief description of yourself-I'm a pretty hardcore gamer i tend to stay up to like 1am just playing dark rp sometimes. I love naps and playing Gmod.

Do you have a working microphone-No but im a fast typer

Do you know basic ulx-i know basic ulx and a little bit of lua

What rank are you applying for-admin

Why you would be a good staff member-I would be a good staff member because I'm fair, honest, and I have 400+ hours on duty experience

Do you have experience-Yes i do i have experience on multiple servers, mostly dark rp but i was a super-admin on a TTT server a few months ago but that server became empty really quick.

How would you help our server (must be atleast 1 paragraph)-I would help the server by making sure the rules are followed and everyone has fun.I would help out alot because I'm an honest and fair admin I make sure that i get to the bottom of something before i send people on their way, and if something seems wrong and i can't do anything to fix it, it'll immediately go to someone higher up because the people who join our server want to have fun and not have their day ruined by some douche who thinks that its funny to spawn camp people. I want to make sure everyone is having fun on the server and they follow the rules


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