bgamboe-staff application

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bgamboe-staff application

Post by bgamboe on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:49 am

Steam Id-STEAM_0:1:94041306

In game name-bgamboe

Age-14 1/2.

Play time in server-2hrs and about 13 min.

Brief description of yourself-and fair player i dont complain when i am rdm'ed and i fight for the wrongly accused.

Do you have a working microphone-yes its high quality and i havent had anybody complain about my mic.

Do you know basic ulx-no, but ill get online and search it up and snap a pic and look at the comands as needed.

What rank are you applying for- just a normal admin.

Why you would be a good staff member- because i dont break the rules (i dont think i do) and i play fair.
Do you have experience-i do have some experience but on a different admin addon not ulx

How would you help our server (must be atleast 1 paragraph)-i think the server is great and i think i can help alot and these are some of the ways i think i can help.i would fix the wrong doing and to help the new people on the server.
and all the people that get rdm'ed ill give them a firearm to defend them selves and ill help people that have no idea how to play.the server needs some more non admin abuse thats some of the ways i think i can help.


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